Voice Lessons

This is not your typical voice lesson. I experience the voice as a vessel for self actualization, spiritual growth and healing. This experience is what I hope to offer you in these sessions. I am not interested in making you sound “better” or helping you reach some cultural idea of what you think your voice should sound like. Coming into closer relationship with oneself through vocal play, curiosity and daring; this is what Im interested in exploring with you. Our time together is all about permission. Permission to express the full range and dynamics of your soul’s wild, vulnerable, courageous sound.

Whereas most voice work is directed toward assimilating you to a culturally acceptable sound, this voice work is about releasing these concepts of what the voice should or should not sound like. In these sessions we do not silence unpleasant or unwanted voices. Rather than eliminate or avoid certain sounds we will lean into them and give them permission to be expressed. Every sound is equal, every voice an aspect of yourself. We give our presence equally to all expressions with loving kindness and patience and by doing so come to know ourselves at the deepest level.

What will we do?

In these sessions we will practice following the voice rather than controlling it. Through guided meditation, vocal and movement exploration and piano interactions we will explore your unique voice and what it has to reveal about your deepest sense of self. No experience needed. Only an open mind and a desire to know oneself through sound are needed.

Rates & Details

Sliding Scale: $30 – $60 (pay what you can).

*No one will be turned away due to lack of funds, I am open to trades.*


Allison Caw is a vocalist with over 18 years of training and 8 years of professional experience in the fields of performance and voice. She initially trained in classical singing styles and graduated from the University of the Arts with a BFA in Musical Theater. Eventually she longed for a deeper, more spiritual connection to her voice. She attended Naropa University where she earned an MFA in Contemporary Performance. Here she studied the Roy Hart vocal approach as well as  contemplative practices. These studies radically shifted her perception of the voice and are the primary influences for her vocal work and teachings today.