Sonic Healing


but heres some info for now…

Sonic Blessings

Songs, sacred soundscapes and harmonious lullabies to:

Spark our awakening. Invigorate our hearts. Unleash our wild essence. Activate the voice. Enliven the body. Unhinge our cultural conditioning. Re-birth the Earth. Reclaim Spirit.

Through layering of the human voice these healing vibrations are created to connect you to Spirit. There is a peace within you that is beyond all understanding. Release the mind and experience the simplicity of being in this one moment through sound and song. May these melodies bless your ceremony, ritual, heart healing, feeling, creative expansion, meditation or any other spiritual mischief you feel like getting into.


Guided Meditation

Our presence is our greatest gift. It is the primary pathway to healing. Whatever we offer our presence to is changed, transformed, altered. When we cultivate loving awareness within ourselves we become our own greatest healer. We can offer the gift of compassionate attention to ourselves. We can offer this gift to one another. All we need to do is practice.

With these guided meditations we will tune into who we are beyond our thoughts. We will sit with ourselves to better know our true divine nature. We will align with the wisdom of our bodies, luxuriate in our own breath, soften into our bodies and open our senses. With somatic movement and performance arts practices, these meditations encourage creative expression and imagination as a pathway to awakening. Join me in the now…


Shamanic Healing & Journeying

I am still birthing into my role as a shamanic healer. I was born a shaman but I am only just now remembering. So though my heart yearns to take it all on at once, I must pump the breaks on this one. For now I am only offering private in person sessions for my beloveds and teachers while I learn how to walk. Eventually my vision is to offer recordings of shamanic healing as well as live sessions online and in person.