Deep down we all long to be nourished, to rest in someone’s loving care. We spend so much of our lives rushing and running to accomplish this or that. We give so much to our careers, partners, dreams, family and friends there seems to be little left to offer ourselves. In a culture that advocates productivity over well-being, self-care is a radical act.

It’s time to be radical. Give yourself the gift of Reiki’s nurturing and loving care. Whether it’s to rejuvenate from burnout, recover from an injury, heal emotional wounds, or receive support on your spiritual journey, Reiki is a gentle but powerful ally.

Within each of us there is a place of peace and stillness. A place from which all creativity, passion and healing arise. Reiki invites you to rest there for a while. Refill your cup with her loving waters. By nourishing ourselves, we unlock our abundant nature. By allowing ourselves to receive and be, our giving and doing becomes boundless.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is universal life energy. It is the energy within and around all living things. In its nature it is healing and restorative. As the practitioner I act as a channel through which Reiki flows into the recipient. I simply rest my hands on specific places of the body while Reiki activates the body’s innate healing abilities. Reiki is not here to fix anything or anyone. Nothing is broken and everyone is whole. Reiki simply supports our inherent power to heal and revive ourselves.