Rest. Receive. Replenish.

Within each of us there is a place of restoration, peace and stillness. Reiki invites you to rest there for a while. Refill your cup with Reiki’s loving waters. By nourishing ourselves, we unlock our abundant nature. By allowing ourselves to receive, our giving becomes boundless. Whether you’re burnt-out, recovering from injury, healing emotional wounds, or in need of spiritual support, Reiki is a gentle but powerful ally.

In each session I accompany Reiki with guided meditation and live singing. I believe in the healing power of our own presence and the tender sweetness of a song. Song softens and opens the heart. Meditation settles and disciplines the mind.  All together working with Reiki to awaken our innate healing abilities. Offer yourself the loving attention that you deserve and the replenishment you need.



$35 – $75 //  75 mins.


$90 – $180 ( 3hrs, 2 sessions back to back)


$15 – $30 (30 mins)
*No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. I am open to trade or shorter sessions.*
Sliding scale enables me to serve clients from a diverse economic background. It works best when those who are able pay full price. By doing so you are supporting those who would otherwise be unable to receive Reiki gain access to this service.

Schedule a Session:

Monday – Sunday, 10am – 4pm


I work from my apartment home in North Denver. I am located near 76th and Pecos. Specific directions and location given once session has been scheduled.

More about Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. I am a 2nd Degree practitioner of the original Usui Tradition with over 3 years experience. Reiki translates to universal life energy. It is the healing and restorative energy within all living things. As the practitioner I simply rest my hands on specific parts of the body and act as a channel through which Reiki flows into the recipient. Everyone experiences Reiki differently. Some experience tingling, visions, warmth or water flowing. When I offer Reiki I experience it as an intense but unconditionally loving presence. I feel it supports us both physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. On an anatomical level, Reiki brings balance to the chronically overstimulated nervous system, enabling the body to rest and thereby replenish its inherent healing abilities. On a metaphysical level, Reiki connects us to the divine spirit that we are.