Freeing Your Voice

“The voice is the muscle of the soul.”

-Alfred Wolfsohn

We have been told for centuries that we must contain our bigness. That we must not be too powerful, too loud, too emotional, too open, too dynamic, too wild, too vulnerable, too free. We have learned to suppress the fullness and bigness of our own souls. We have disconnected  from our own voices as a means of protecting ourselves against the severe and cruel societies of centuries past.

The time has come to reclaim our voice. No longer do we need the protection of days past. It is time to break free and your own voice can be your greatest liberator. When we open and surrender to the power of our own voice it releases us from the cultural and familial conditionings of; “be quiet, speak only when spoken to, not too loud, not too soft, don’t feel too much, please everyone.” Through the voice we can experience our expansive, radiant, dynamic souls and thereby express ourselves more authentically and boldly.

Grounded in contemplative practice and the work of Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart, these sessions will nurture your voice’s unique expression. We are not concerned with sounding a certain way or conforming our voices to a cultural standard. Instead we will get to know our voice as a being in its own right. We learn to listen and follow the voice. We offer it our full presence and permission to be as it is. We cultivate curiosity around our fears of the voice and meet them head on. These voice sessions are a deep dive into ones own essential nature. Come, and meet your voice. It truly is your greatest super power.


Sliding Scale: $30 – $60 (1 hour session)

Sliding scale enables me to serve clients from a diverse economic background. It works best when those who are able, pay full price. By doing so you are supporting those who would otherwise be unable to access this service.


Monday – Sunday, 11 – 4


I work from my apartment home in North Denver. I am located right off the Highway 36 Pecos exit. Specific directions and location given once session has been scheduled.


Allison Caw is a vocalist with over 18 years of training and 8 years of professional experience in the fields of performance and voice. She initially trained in classical singing styles and graduated from the University of the Arts with a BFA in Musical Theater. Eventually she longed for a deeper, more spiritual connection to her voice. She attended Naropa University where she earned an MFA in Contemporary Performance. Here she studied the Roy Hart vocal approach as well as  contemplative expressive arts practices. These studies radically shifted her perception of the voice and are the primary influences for her vocal work and teachings today.