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Earth Body Dances
Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

“Take a hike where Mother Earth is both
inspiration, and the dance floor.”

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Earth Body Connection
September, 2016

“Just for a day luxuriate in the spacious embrace of nature. Connect, express and renew your wild and creative spirit. Think of this as a gift to Mother Earth. She longs for our presence.”



“Allison is an honest and trustworthy guide into an open and present relationship with yourself, others, and the Earth. There is simply no other practice I’ve encountered that can center me so fully in my body, in my voice, in my community and with my life source. Allison Caw is a gift.”

– Teresa V.

“Earth Body Dances is a brilliant combination of Eco Psych / deep ecology exercises and authentic movement from the Body itself. Allison’s voice and the rich embodied experience within her guiding enabled my experience to be what she invited:  a kind, being present with, absent of judgment, allowing the Body …my dear Body ….to guide and direct its own experience and mine. I love what Allison has created. It is good, rock lichen covered good.”

– Bonnie S.

“Friend, I went out into Mother Nature and danced,  sang, and moved my body. Allison exuded such joy and openness. I felt a beautiful lightness of being that was welcoming and inspiring. It made me desirous of playing. My spirit, my being felt a healing lightness…”

– Beverly S.

Interested in experiencing Earth Body Connection?

Allison Caw is available for workshops or classes. While the technique thrives outdoors it can also be facilitated inside.