Spiritual Warriorship and Reiki

“As a spiritual warrior you have not set out to destroy or eliminate any evil and there is in no enemy. There is only what is unconscious, what is in need of your healing presence.”

I love the pairing of spiritual and warriorship. It inherently challenges our understanding of courage and action. In western culture our understanding of warriorship is often brutal and violent. It’s about taking aggressive and dominating actions in order to create so-called positive change. It’s about eliminating enemies by any means necessary to restore peace. Yet as a spiritual warrior the path only leads to surrender and the only mission is to love what is in most need of attention. As a spiritual warrior you have not set out to destroy or eliminate any evil and there is in no enemy. There is only what is unconscious, what is in need of your healing presence.

Spirituality is often misunderstood or misrepresented as purely a means to acquire peace, love, and bliss. When I first began the healing path, it was a bit of a rude awakening. It was absolute chaos. All of my most unwanted and unloved parts started coming up to the surface of consciousness. Past trauma, pain, fear, depression, everything that had been pushed away and avoided at all costs was knocking at my door. I remember going to a mentor in tears, overwhelmed by all the intense energies and emotions asking for help. She said, “Yea… transformation and healing look a lot nicer on paper.”

“When we bring awareness to what is most painful within us, we allow healing to occur. The alchemy of healing resides in our divine, unconditional presence.”

When you embark on a healing journey you find that it has nothing to do with acquiring or controlling or reaching some state of eternal grace. You begin to understand that you cannot acquire peace or love because that is who you are. The spiritual journey is offering your innately divine essence to what is in need of healing, now. You are asked to bring loving presence to what is hurting, confused, scared, and contracted in this moment. When painful emotions arise you go right into it, willingly. You offer your presence, vulnerability and deepest love. You open to what is often avoided. You sit with what is suppressed. You invite acceptance to what is unacceptable. When we bring awareness to what is most painful within us we allow healing to occur. Things begin to move and transmute. The alchemy of healing resides in our divine, unconditional presence.

When discomfort arises our go-to actions are to suppress, resist, avoid. We distract ourselves and push away what is asking for our immediate attention. We believe that this emotional pain is an indication that something is wrong, that this is bad, that we have failed because we are feeling something other than happy. Yet the truth is, when emotional discomfort arises we are being presented with an opportunity. We are offered a chance to be with and integrate what has been unconsciously ostracized and dismissed. When we seize this opportunity in the moment we open a door for transformation to occur. Awareness is the ground of healing.

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Navigating such intense and turbulent emotional waters is by no means easy or pleasant. That is why it is called spiritual warriorship. It asks you to bring forth your innate courage to open to what no one wishes to see and to what nobody wants to admit. It’s about being with truth, indiscriminately. It’s about allowing your self to be whole once again by congealing all your fragmented so-called broken parts with loving-kindness.

As spiritual warriors we are asked to be a champion of surrender, a soldier of peace, a bringer of love and acceptance. This is why I love Reiki and how it offers endless support on the path of spiritual warriorship. Reiki is universal life energy; it is the love from which life grows. Reiki is everywhere and in all things. As the practitioner I serve merely as a channel through which this energy can enter the body and activate our innate biological healing abilities. Essentially, through Reiki, we offer energetic presence to the body so that it may restore balance and wholeness. For me, Reiki is an essential companion on my spiritual path because it provides an expansive but safe container in which I can offer love to my most fearful and unloved parts.

“The truth is nothing is broken, I don’t have control and there is no enemy. Every time I offer Reiki I am reminded of this.”

As you can imagine the practice of Reiki can be challenging to the ego. We like to think that we have control and that we must force healing to occur by getting rid of or correcting what is bad . When we initially think of healers we think of someone doing something in order to make someone “better”. When I first began with Reiki and started my self-healing practice I often was under this impression. I confused healing with aggressive tactics such as correction and elimination. I thought if I could just make my mind shut-up, if I could get rid of this depression, if I could destroy my fear, then I will be healed, then I will have achieved spiritual warriorship.

Reiki subverts and challenges all of these misconceptions. If ever I go into a treatment, whether it’s for myself or another person, with an approach that something must be fixed or eliminated, Reiki keeps me in check. The truth is nothing is broken, I don’t have control and there is no enemy. Every time I offer Reiki I am reminded of this. We are simply here to give loving witness to what is suffering. We are simply here to offer ourselves as channels of unconditional presence. We are simply here to be with what is. When we do this, healing is given to the whole.

The past two and half years I have walked with Reiki and it has been the greatest gift as I’ve navigated my own healing journey. Now as a Second Degree practitioner of the Usui Tradition I am feeling called to offer myself to the community so that I may give back what Reiki has gifted me. I am starting my own Reiki practice. It is a big transition that I’ve realized needs and deserves support. In order to give I must also open myself to receive financial backing to help transform my home into an open Reiki practice and recording studio.

Please consider donating any amount you can to my GoFundMe campaign. My 30th birthday on December 23rd is quickly approaching. You can give me the greatest gift as I step into my next decade. Help me serve others through Reiki and song. Healing takes many forms and each of us are here to bring it forth in our own unique way. However for the benefit of all beings, we must always begin with ourselves. Thank you for being here on this planet in these challenging times. Thank you for what only you can bring into this world. Thank you. www.gofundme.com/allisoncaw

Photo credit: Sienna Pinney

How To Not Emotionally Collapse Under The Weight Of The Trump Administration

Our challenge in these disturbing and chaotic times is to bear witness. We are being called to the task of unflinching presence in the face of heartbreaking, terrifying and enraging daily events. Already the Trump administration has taken actions that make the heart sink and the stomach churn. And this is just the beginning. If there is one thing for certain, there will be more bad news to come. The sheer volume of distressing reports alone is enough to overwhelm and send us into complete collapse.

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For Those Still Uncertain, Grieving and Fearful Post Election

After weeks of cycling through uncertainty, grief, fear, and anger, I reached out to a dear friend and spiritual mentor. I shared with her the intense state of confusion I have felt since the election. How completely at a loss for words I have been. How I have felt frozen in my mind and body, completely detached from my purpose and sense of certainty. How with every new story, every new appointment by Trump, a wave of grief and fear flows through me that seems to block out all light and hope.

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Dear NBC, Define Useless.

“To be an artist goes beyond usefulness; it is essential to the very nature of our humanity. “

I am going to go ahead and make an assumption about NBC’s (and our cultural) definition of “useful”. It’s based on capitalist dogma. It’s based on social constructs that we created, and rests solely on paradigms that don’t exist beyond our own willingness to believe in them. Our economic and cultural structures seem so concrete that it’s easy to forget that we created them, that without us, they do not exist.

My definition of “useful” doesn’t reside in a construct or a chosen paradigm. It resides in the reality of the human heart, mind and spirit. It pertains to what makes us human. To be human is not to make money. To be human is to create. To be human is to think, question, feel, imagine. These are our defining characteristics. To be human is to be fully and unruly alive.


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Trump Sheds Light on our Collective “Shadow”

“By bringing our shadow into the light of consciousness, we create the potential for transformation and healing to occur.”

In the political chaos, insanity and fear of our current election I’ve been drawn to think of our collective consciousness. What role does Donald Trump play in our collective consciousness, in our collective psychology? He has given rise to people who seem to be driven by hatred, discrimination and violence. People who have felt silenced or pushed to the edge of our society by “political correctness”, have been given a voice and feeling validated by the candidacy of Trump. To me, what seems to be happening is that Trump is at last shedding light on our collective “shadow” and creating the potential for healing.

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Finding Balance in a Work Obsessed Culture

“The body knows the truth. The truth is there is a healthier, more sustainable way to live that everyone has access to.”

Feeling a powerful pull to go inward, I take a break. I lay in bed, gazing out the window. I release the phone, email, the to do list. I take time to incubate, process, contemplate. But then, the cultural narrative takes over. “Why aren’t you doing? There is much to be done. You should go out, socialize, or get to work. There’s money to be made, goals to be accomplished.”

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