I am a vocalist with over 16 years of training. In the initial years of my studies I trained in classical and musical theater singing styles. Eventually I longed for a deeper, more spiritual connection to my voice that went beyond training the voice to sound beautiful.  The Roy Hart vocal approach came into my life and radically shifted my perception of the voice and its role in our personal and spiritual growth. From the influence of this training, my mission as a vocalist is to…

carry soul on the breath of my voice
sing the forgotten sounds of our ancestors
listen to our repressed parts, and give voice to the not-beautiful
channel the Earth’s unsung songs
 honor the mystery of making sound

Through a contemplative and spiritual artistic process, I create original vocal compositions. I sing in theatrical productions ranging from opera to experimental theater. Guilty pleasures include covering classic rock at karaoke bars.

for your sonic curiosity…

“Bones and Light”
Composition & Voice: Allison Caw
Sound Design: Mike Kilduff

“Moonage Daydream” Cover with Extended Voice improvisations
Performed by: Allison Caw
Piano: Gary Grundei

“Gratitude and Morning ”
Composition, Voice and Video: Allison Caw