Sonic Self-Care Kit

What is the Sonic Self-Care Kit?

A monthly offering of guided meditations and sacred songs to support self-care practices and/or sacred ceremony. Aligned with the lunar cycle, each New and Full Moon you will receive a Sacred Song and two Guided Meditations. You will also have access to an online session with myself or a featured guest offering practices for mindful self-care and creative expansion. In short, each month you will receive 2-3 emails which include links to:

  • 2 Sacred Songs
  • 4 Guided Meditations (2 long for spacious being, 2 short for quick grounding)
  • 1 online practice session facilitated by myself or a featured guest
  • Written spiritual guidance and inspiration


  • to create nourishing, sacred, safe space through song and guided meditation
  • to support others in self-care, meditation, spiritual or creative practices.
  • to stimulate the innate healing and transformational abilities of the listener
  • to raise consciousness through practices of presence, self-love and creative expansion

How to get a kit?

To receive a Sonic Self-Care Kit for the next lunar cycle, make a donation of any amount through the Paypal link below. You will be placed on the subscription list and receive an email with links along with passwords to view the content beginning on the New Moon. If the lunar cycle has already begun but you wish to receive a Sonic Self-Care Kit, you can still make a donation and receive the full month of offerings. However, after the full moon (Dec. 22nd), any donation received will go towards the next moon cycles offerings (starting Jan. 5th).

Next Lunar Cycle: Dec. 7th – Jan. 4th

Name your price to receive the sonic goodness

(I believe in Pay What You Can and sliding-scales to open offerings up to a diverse economic background. By offering more when you are able, you not only support the artist but also others who may not have access to the service at a greater price. Thank you.)

Curious but not ready to commit?

Heres some free sonic samples for you…

Check out my Music Page  or SoundCloud or just enjoy these videos…

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