MY AWAKENING: the short version

The past 3 and a half years have been a radical time of retreat and self-healing for me. The short version: I went through a spiritual awakening, an initiation into myself as a healer, shaman and spiritual guide. Throughout the process I often had friends and family inquire where I’ve been, why haven’t they seen me, what have I been doing. There was a lot of concern, curiosity and confusion from some family and friends. I underwent several spiritual health crises’ including a 3 week long migraine, debilitating anxiety, immune system deficiency and a resurfacing of a spinal injury that left me bed ridden for weeks, unable to sit, drive, travel for 5 months.

This is pretty routine and common for a spiritual awakening. It’s Spirit’s way of making you stop, so that you can take a nice hard look at your habitual conditioned ways of doing and being, so that you can clean house energetically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. It’s like taking an extended retreat to weed the garden of your heart to make room for new unfathomable goodness to grow. I got real intimate with both the blessings and challenges of healing and awakening. For now lets just say I had a lot of pain, fear, grief and ancestral trauma to unpack.

It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t easy. Unpacking meant looking directly at all of it, embracing and accepting the shadows I had been hiding deep in my cells. It was the most intense experience of letting go I have ever undergone. Throughout, it felt like dying and giving birth to myself over and over again. Yet looking back from where I now stand, I see the whole journey for the radical blessing it was. How it was perfectly orchestrated for my spiritual growth, healing and awakening. How it was a necessary initiation into myself as a healer, shaman and spiritual guide.

During this time of deep healing, beyond my beloved community of friends and family,  my primary allies were music, meditation, Reiki, my voice and writings of spiritual guidance. A lot of these supports I found online. The blessing of the Internet is that you can share your gifts and make an impact on an unknowable amount of people all around the world. Some of the supports I hooked into were created years before I found them. The concentric circles that you cast with online offerings ripple beyond anything you could ever imagine. People I have never met held me through some of the most intensely painful parts of my journey with their music, voice and words. I am forever grateful to them.

Now, I am being called to do the same for others. Over the last month I turned a huge corner. I took a quantum leap in my awakening. The floodgates opened energetically. So much that was being used for healing and integration has been freed up to flow outwardly. I received a clear vision of my divine purpose and how best I can offer my gifts to this world. I am charged up and ready to offer my brand new self.

Starting this New Moon, Nov. 7th, I’ll be sharing monthly offerings of music, song healings, guided meditations, writings on spirituality, live sessions on vocal and creative empowerment and much much more. I’ll be sharing this from a new online platform and identity called Sonic Starlight. These offerings will be shared via my social media platforms, my website and my mail list. Eventually this will be a monthly subscription service but to start off everything will be public and free.


We live in an exhilarating and challenging time. The evolution of human consciousness is happening and we are all apart of it. We are all being asked to grown beyond and shed the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual conditionings of the old paradigms. It’s tough work giving birth to a New Earth but it all begins within. My vision is to nourish and incite this collective awakening by supporting individuals through their personal journeys. Everything that I offer is meant to create a pathway for your spiritual growth, healing and awakening. May these offerings support that which is the best and highest good for you and your path.



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