Dear NBC, Define Useless.

“To be an artist goes beyond usefulness; it is essential to the very nature of our humanity. “

I am going to go ahead and make an assumption about NBC’s (and our cultural) definition of “useful”. It’s based on capitalist dogma. It’s based on social constructs that we created, and rests solely on paradigms that don’t exist beyond our own willingness to believe in them. Our economic and cultural structures seem so concrete that it’s easy to forget that we created them, that without us, they do not exist.

My definition of “useful” doesn’t reside in a construct or a chosen paradigm. It resides in the reality of the human heart, mind and spirit. It pertains to what makes us human. To be human is not to make money. To be human is to create. To be human is to think, question, feel, imagine. These are our defining characteristics. To be human is to be fully and unruly alive.


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Trump Sheds Light on our Collective “Shadow”

“By bringing our shadow into the light of consciousness, we create the potential for transformation and healing to occur.”

In the political chaos, insanity and fear of our current election I’ve been drawn to think of our collective consciousness. What role does Donald Trump play in our collective consciousness, in our collective psychology? He has given rise to people who seem to be driven by hatred, discrimination and violence. People who have felt silenced or pushed to the edge of our society by “political correctness”, have been given a voice and feeling validated by the candidacy of Trump. To me, what seems to be happening is that Trump is at last shedding light on our collective “shadow” and creating the potential for healing.

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Finding Balance in a Work Obsessed Culture

“The body knows the truth. The truth is there is a healthier, more sustainable way to live that everyone has access to.”

Feeling a powerful pull to go inward, I take a break. I lay in bed, gazing out the window. I release the phone, email, the to do list. I take time to incubate, process, contemplate. But then, the cultural narrative takes over. “Why aren’t you doing? There is much to be done. You should go out, socialize, or get to work. There’s money to be made, goals to be accomplished.”

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