Allison Caw

Allison Caw

spiritual singer, song-weaver, healer, writer, shamanic performer

I don’t teach. I hold safe, sacred space.

I gently guide you toward what you already know, nourishing the growth, expansion and healing that is already emerging from within you.

 Whether your personal practice be meditative, spiritual, somatic, physical, ceremonial or simply self-care, I offer you my loving presence and sacred songs.



Allison Caw is the human behind Sonic Starlight. Sonic Starlight comes from her Spirit name Starlight and her divine purpose, which is to lovingly channel music, meditation, performance, writings, and guidance to inspire spiritual awakening and radical transformation. From her online platform and home studio in Denver Colorado, Allison offers sacred songs, guided meditation, Reiki, vocal/creative empowerment, and writings for those on the spiritual path. She is currently crafting her first mixtape of songs for deep feeling, healing, meditation, and sacred ceremony.

She earned an MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University, a BFA in Musical Theater from the University of the Arts and is a 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner in the Usui tradition. She is a theater artist and singer with over 18 years of experience and has worked professionally with companies such as the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and New Paradise Laboratories. Allison also works as an actor for Crisis Intervention which trains Law Enforcement in communication skills that emphasize compassion and empathy through role-playing with professional actors. She has worked with Boulder, Colorado’s OSMP and the Arts as well as local non-profit Our Sacred Earth in offering outdoor somatic movement workshops that seek to deepen our connection to Gaia. Her writings have been featured in the Huff Post.

My Mission

I sing sonic seeds
Imbued with loving presence
Encoded with New Earth vibrations
Enlivened with visions for human awakening
I offer Reiki, vocal liberation and loving presence
Supporting the healing you already possess.
Releasing protective fear from centuries past
Reclaiming our sense of safety on a cellular level
I manifest performances of heightened consciousness
Stories that ask: what can we become?
Subconscious reveries of awakening and radical transformation
Visceral presence and undeniable interconnection
I craft words to awaken
Words to quicken your liberation
Words to radicalize your sense of self
Words that invite you to embrace your inner divinity

Remember Who You Are

Remember who you are
Whoever you think you are
You are not that
You are beyond any concept or idea
When you awaken to the truth of your Self
No one can take that away for you
You are beyond thought
You are divinity manifested as human form
You are the brightest light there ever was and ever will be
At the center of your Self lies eternity
Remember who you are
There you will find healing
There you will find radical liberation
There you will find wholeness