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Allison Caw is a Denver based performing artist, healer, vocalist, writer and meditator. The evolution of human consciousness as a catalyst for lasting change is her passion. She believes in the power of presence to transform the individual and the collective. To simply be with and offer our presence, this is the foundation of all healing and awakening. Attention, awareness, presence; all are synonyms for love.

From her home studio, Allison offers Reiki energy healing and teaches voice and meditation. She creates contemplative performances that draw listeners deeply into the present moment and composes vocal soundscapes for meditation and healing. Her writings speak on personal awakening, offering mindfulness practices and spiritual guidance. She offers workshops that seek to deepen our connection to the life within and around us by nourishing our essential nature of being. She earned an MFA from Naropa University and is a 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner in the Usui tradition.

 Enter a place for spacious being.

Where we imbue our lives with loving presence,

and nourish our innate healing abilities.

Awaiting you are songs for human awakening,

and performance that draws you deeply into the now.